Open LMS and eCreators: Invest in what’s working

Tim Martin, LTG’s Chief Innovation & Product Officer, based in Nashville, TN., gives more detail on the acquisition of eCreators and what this means for Open LMS, one of the world’s largest Moodle™ based LMS platforms providers.

About six months ago, I wrote here that we had acquired Open LMS, the world’s largest provider of Moodle support and hosting. Today, we took the next step with the acquisition of eCreators, the largest Moodle provider in Australia.

Go check them out. I’ll wait.

I hope you found out what I already know. eCreators does a bunch of the stuff we do at Learning Technologies Group and Open LMS really well. They value many of the same things. And they do it on the other side of the world.

Buying subsequent Moodle providers is a little different from many other acquisitions that LTG makes. We’re looking for things that fit well together, ways we can fit the teams together to become more than the sum of the parts. I’m excited, because I believe that eCreators:

  • Serves its customers exceptionally well. We fundamentally believe that Moodle providers can differentiate themselves by how they care for customers.
  • Is growing. The company is finding ever more elegant solutions for its customers.
  • Presents itself exceptionally well (what the business people call “marketing”).
Learning Technologies Group to acquire eCreators as part of Moodle business, Open LMS

And then there’s this…

I believe that eCreators’ approach to the products it puts around Moodle is special. Learnbook, eCreators’ LMS offering, is a properly important part of this acquisition to us. We’ll be mixing it together with the existing technology in Open LMS to create solutions that do more for our customers.

I’m not a big “It’s a sign!” guy in general. But I got an email from eCreators last Thursday. It shared six different awards recently earned by eCreators from LearnX. Heading into acquisition weekend with that kind of affirmation is a good feeling.

I’m excited for the benefits this will afford to Open LMS clients. I’m excited to help support the eCreators clients. And I’m beyond excited to see what the people of eCreators can do.