About LTG: Overview

Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) is a market-leader in the fast-growing workplace digital learning and talent management market. LTG offers large organisations a new approach to learning and talent in a business world driven by digital transformation. Our purpose is to help systematise the process of ‘putting the best people into the right roles becoming the best they can be’, transforming large organisations’ ability to scale, and flex to meet future market opportunities. LTG represents a unique mix of product and services that focus on partnering with clients to achieve measurable results and close the gap between current and future workforce capability.

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Values and Guiding Principles



Integrity is never compromised. We do the right thing, even when the right thing is difficult.


Meaningful employee and client experiences are our priority. We create these experiences through relationships of mutual trust and respect and an inclusive culture that invites and values diverse identities, perspectives and backgrounds.


We are relentless and tenacious in the pursuit of quality and innovation in all we do.


Responsibility belongs to every person in every role. We take personal ownership of what we say we will do and hold ourselves and each other accountable for delivering on those commitments.

Guiding Principles


We prioritise and celebrate all our employees by having meaningful conversations, tapping into their strengths, creating engaging experiences and providing enriching growth opportunities. We are committed to simplifying processes, systems and tools to make work enjoyable, satisfying and productive in a respectful and inclusive environment.


We pride ourselves in demonstrating unequivocal commitment to our customers that results in lasting relationships, customer delight and exceptional delivery of outcomes. We extend the same high-quality service to our internal customers, treating them as valued clients.


We come together with a shared leadership vision, fostering a culture of seamless collaboration and teamwork. By maximising our strengths, tapping into our team’s collective wisdom, and communicating openly and transparently, we effectively address both opportunities and challenges. This collective effort unleashes the vast potential of the LTG solution set.


We promote innovation by encouraging creativity and curiosity, and by boldly challenging conventional thinking. Our goal is to discover new and improved approaches to work within LTG, for our clients, and in the marketplace, and to celebrate these advancements.


We believe our company’s success is intrinsically linked to the success of our employees, clients and partners. We actively champion entrepreneurship balanced with fiscal responsibility and accountability at all levels of the company. We expect that all employees are good stewards of company resources.

Innovation and best practice

LTG’s businesses are at the forefront of innovation and best practice in the learning technology and talent management sector, and have received numerous awards for their exceptional solutions. From strategic consultancy, through a range of services and products, to analytical insights that enable corporate and government clients to keep up with an increasing speed of change, LTG helps clients invest in the workforce of the future and continue to evolve.

Working across recruitment, performance, learning, compensation, diversity and inclusion, compliance, succession, engagement and technical integration, our portfolio of brands represents best of breed and they are acknowledged throughout the industry as market leaders.

Leader in corporate digital learning and talent management

Our focus is on all aspects of the employee lifecycle. This is achieved through our end-to-end service offering which enables us to partner with global clients throughout the creation, implementation, maintenance and measurement of their learning and talent management strategies.

Each of our Group businesses brings a range of capability and sector specialisms that allow us to build on this strategic vision. The Group’s offering comprises two principal divisions:

Content and Services:
GP Strategies and PRELOADED

Software and Platforms:
Affirmity, Breezy HR, Bridge, Gomo, Open LMS, PeopleFluent, Rustici Software and Watershed.

Financial profile

The learning technologies and talent management sectors are enjoying unprecedented global growth and there is considerable investor interest. Learning Technologies Group is the only AIM-listed company that is focused on consolidating the learning technologies sector. LTG aims to deliver strong organic growth complemented by strategic acquisitions financed through strong operating cash flows, debt finance and share issues. LTG comprises a Software and Platforms division that accounts for approximately 70% of Group revenues on a proforma basis. The division typically sells multi-year SaaS licences and enjoys high customer retention rates. The Content & Services division typically delivers shorter-term, fixed price projects to clients and the Group has an enviable record in nurturing long-term relationships with its international customer base. Approximately 70% of LTG’s business is undertaken in the US, with the UK and Europe accounting for the majority of the balance. LTG enjoys strong operating cash flows and generates industry leading profit margins. The Company’s policy is to pay a moderate and progressive dividend.

Our goals

Learning Technologies Group’s aim is to build a dynamic portfolio of complementary businesses and an international full-service digital learning and talent management business of scale, through a combination of strong organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions that complement the current business. A strong partner network enables the business to deliver expertise beyond internal capability, placing the customer at the forefront of every solution. LTG’s ‘buy and build’ strategy places emphasis on broadening geographical reach (particularly in the United States), with a focus on developing presence in highly-regulated sectors (e.g. pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, oil and gas and aviation).

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Learning Technologies Group takes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously. The Board’s primary goal is to create shareholder value, but in a responsible way which serves all stakeholders. LTG’s employment policies are non-discriminatory and the Board does not support discrimination of any form. LTG is committed to diversity, including gender, age, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status and physical ability – at all levels of the Group. We employ people on the basis of job requirements and we do not discriminate on grounds of age, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, politics, religion, disability or any other status. We do not employ forced, bonded or child labour.  Read more

History of LTG

In October 2013, Epic Group, a leading international e-learning business announced its intention to list on AIM by way of a reverse takeover of a cash shell called In-Deed plc. The Group’s inaugural acquisition, that of LINE Communications in April 2014, marked the first realisation of Learning Technologies Group’s ‘buy and build’ strategy to create a learning technologies business with revenues in excess of £50m within three years. LTG has since expanded considerably with multiple acquisitions and new brand launches enabling the Group to employ around 5,000 people in 30+ locations across Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific and South America. In May 2018, LTG completed the acquisition of PeopleFluent, a leading US independent provider of cloud-based integrated recruiting, talent management, and compensation management solutions, for a cash consideration of $150 million. Over two-thirds of LTG’s revenue now comes from recurring software licences in its Software & Platforms division.

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Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for directing, providing appropriate advice, and supervising the Company’s business strategy, and is responsible to shareholders for the Group’s financial and operational performance as well as its risk management. The Board delegates the development and implementation of Group strategy and day-to-day management issues to the Executive Directors.

The Board is made up of four Executive Directors, and four Non-executive Directors. The Board considers that the Non-executive Directors bring an independent judgement to bear, and is satisfied that between the Directors, it has an effective and appropriate balance of independence on the one hand, and knowledge of the Company on the other, to enable it to discharge its duties and responsibilities effectively.

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