AIM Rule 26 checklist

The information disclosed in this section and elsewhere within the Investor Centre is in accordance with Rule 26 of AIM Rules for companies.

  1.  Country of incorporation / main country of operation
  2.  Description of business
  3.  Details of the nominated adviser and other key advisers
  4.  Names of Directors
  5.  Directors’ biographical details
  6.  Directors’ responsibilities
  7.  Directors’ committee memberships
  8.  Details of the corporate governance code that the AIM company has decided to apply together with details of compliance with that code.
    •  The Board recognises the value of good governance and complies with the provisions of the QCA Guidelines insofar as possible for a company of the size and nature of the Company.
  9. Details of other listings or trading platforms:
    •  Learning Technologies Group plc is listed solely on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (AIM).
  10. Whether the AIM company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers or any other such legislation or code in its country of incorporation or operation.
    •  LTG  is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.
  11. Articles of association
  12. Number of securities in issue, percentage of securities not in public hands and significant shareholders.
  13. Latest Annual Report and all other financial reports published in the past 12 months
  14. The AIM company’s annual accounts for the last three years or since admission, whichever is the lesser
    •  These are published under in the Annual report and interim results which can be found in the Documentation.
  15. All notifications the company has made in the past 12 months
  16. Admission Document
  17. Any circulars / shareholder publications sent to shareholders in the past 12 months
  18. Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities
    •  There are no restrictions on the transfer of Learning Technologies Group’s shares.