A Human Framework for Reskilling: How to Nurture Talent in a Hybrid Workforce

Updated for 2023 and beyond!

For as long as we’ve all been at work, CEOs and boards have referred to people as their “most important asset.” But rarely have they acted in concert with this claim.

As our recent history of global disruptions and organisational upheavals have demonstrated, this must change.

Why? Because organisations remain caught at the nexus of five seismic forces:

  1. Increasing complexities in business operations and work
  2. The constant—and constantly accelerating—pace of change
  3. Unprecedented demographic shifts that are shrinking talent pools and bleeding tacit knowledge out of the organisation
  4. An increasing need for sustainable productivity to create a competitive advantage
  5. Changing employee expectations around work and the workplace

At the epicentre of these seismic forces is a simple truth: all organisations need to reskill their workforces on a constant basis. They need to become ‘learning organisations’.

Much has changed since the first edition of ‘A Human Framework for Reskilling’ was published in early 2020. This new 2023 edition reflects our world of now-entrenched hybrid-working habits and ever-evolving priorities with updated sources and fresh analysis. Download your copy today and continue closing the gap between current and future capability.

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