Science Museum

“PRELOADED’s lean, prototype-led approach has delivered an exceptional product within an exceptionally short timescale. The team were talented, professional and a real joy to work with.”

Dave Patten, Head of New Media, Science Museum

In collaboration with the Science Museum’s Digital Lab and Samsung, PRELOADED launched Handley Page VR, a virtual reality (VR) experience, exploring how technology could support the interpretation of a physical exhibit and demonstrating the importance of mathematics in aeronautical history.

The challenge:

The Science Museum’s Digital Lab was set up to create innovative digital visitor experiences for the museum. Bringing an exhibit to life would require a visually-engaging and immersive VR experience that would appeal to a broad audience.

The solution:

PRELOADED focused on the Handley Page Gugnunc, an experimental British aircraft built in 1928 and famous for solving one of aeronautical engineering’s biggest challenges: how to safely land a plane. PRELOADED’s VR experience brings this exhibit to life and reveals how this plane’s design is the perfect example of mathematics in action.

The strategy:

Capitalising on the studio’s VR best practices and extensive user-testing, Handley Page VR was designed to appeal to motion-sensitive audiences. The player’s experience begins in the plane hangar before taking to the skies as they watch an exhibition flight which shows not only how the aircraft flies, but how mathematics enables it. The player also experiences 360° sound and narration from the gallery’s curator David Rooney.