Rustici Software

The SANS Institute

Streamlining efficiencies in the delivery of over one million training modules per week.

“It was one of those things like death and taxes. You’re just going to have to pay your dues and do it a certain way. And then this came along and gave us the opportunity to solve two or three very challenging problems in a way that was much more satisfactory to our customers, helps us understand and protect our content and its usage and allows the frequent and consistent updates required by our industry and customers.”

Dan deBeaubien, Director of the SANS Institute

The challenge

  • The SANS Institute, a global leader in information security training and certification, needed a faster, scalable and more streamlined solution to deliver and manage training content for 165,000 information security professionals and six million knowledge workers annually.
  • Keeping training content up to date across their 70 LMSs is of great importance but has traditionally been a very time-consuming effort.
  • Other challenges included multiple language needs of learners, and a total lack of visibility into content usage patterns and license controls.

The solution

  • Rustici Software collaborated with SANS on a revolutionary solution called Content Controller, which allows SANS to greatly streamline their process while providing much-needed usage data and easing the job of customer training administrators.
  • Content Controller ensures that the most current version of content is always served to learners. Content providers can finally monitor access and set access user limits.
  • Streamlined language support means that LMS admins assign the content and the user can select from 28 available languages.
  • Usage data and question-level analytics supply the content provider with valuable insights where none existed before.
  • Rustici Software’s solution allows SANS to deliver upwards of one million training modules per week. A 90% reduction in time spent updating existing content has resulted in saving $100,000 in employee costs per year. Additional income has resulted from ensuring customers are now paying for the right number of learners.