Completely transforming how a telecommunications company creates and delivers its internal learning content.

“Using Gomo, for us, has really changed how we can go to market with our digital learning material. I suppose people talk about products and services and systems being game-changers, but Gomo really is.”

Pinda Dhillon, EE's Head Of Training Design

The challenge:

EE’s 25,000 staff weren’t engaging as much as they wanted with their previous learning material, which was created using a complicated, costly and time-consuming process. Learners had to be taken away from work tasks to participate in long, text-heavy e-learning, which led to poor response rates.

The solution:

  • EE implemented a microlearning approach with chapters of shorter content that are designed to be interactive, with Gomo’s question banks fully utilised to avoid cheating in assessments.
  • Because Gomo is cloud-based, EE’s Design team, which is scattered across multiple locations, can efficiently collaborate on delivering learning modules.
  • EE radically transformed how they deliver e-learning, capitalising on Gomo’s rapid authoring and distribution capabilities. They’re now able to make quick changes to courses, which is vital when new products enter the market. What used to take five days can now be done in a matter of hours, providing proof of excellent ROI for the EE board.

The outcome:

As of March 2017, 82% of staff are actively participating in ongoing learning. More content is now being produced, and EE staff are actively engaging in learning without being prompted to, with an average of 14 minutes per day spent on learning.