An HR ecosystem that scales with enterprise growth and cultural transformation

Moving from manual spreadsheets and processes to modern systems

“When an employee completes an objective in their development plan, it is automatically updated in the system. It’s easier to track, manage, and keep up to date for both managers and their team members.”

HR systems specialist

For one of Canada’s leading seafood packaging companies, the only thing more important than fish is their people. So when a fishing moratorium triggered a fundamental transformation – from regional operation to global fish sourcing company – they invested heavily in both manufacturing equipment and skilled employees to support their transformation and growth, from 100 to more than 1,000 employees.

Their investments in PeopleFluent solutions including Performance, Learning, and OrgPublisher, enabled the company to successfully transition from manual processes and spreadsheets and keep pace with their rapid growth. The company was able to configure these solutions to their unique performance management processes, deliver the training and learning it takes to develop and build a skilled workforce, and give leaders and management total visibility through dynamic organisational charts.

From inflexible intranet to cultural touchstone

With their talent management challenges resolved, the company then sought to improve employee communication and company culture. At the time, all internal communications – including strategic messages, corporate updates, and employee congratulations – were delivered via email. Their hourly workforce, which made up roughly half the employee population, depended on word of mouth and printed material distributed in break rooms and cafeterias.

Because their existing Intranet couldn’t adapt in ways that would foster engagement and transparency, once again they turned to PeopleFluent. The company implemented the Talent Productivity Platform as a hub for employee communications. To make the new hub a cultural touchstone, they held a company-wide naming competition, and the Fish Tank was launched.

Via the Fish Tank employees can:

  • Track company news and a calendar of events
  • Manage their learning needs and performance tasks
  • Access the company’s dynamic organizational chart.

The CEO can connect with employees through a personal blog that signals a strong

culture of engaged leadership, smart management, sustainable operations, and philanthropy. And new hires are welcomed into the culture and encouraged to foster peer-to-peer relationships to accelerate their productivity through engagement.

The competitive advantage

With PeopleFluent, the company gained the advantages of modern performance, continuous learning, and transparency in employee communications. Today, the Fish Tank serves as a single hub for all company information: from inventory updates, to restructuring information, employee news, and congratulatory notes from the CEO on business achievements and initiatives.

The company also found that because employees and managers better understand HR processes, their HR team spends less time answering questions and more time on strategic business initiatives. The end result: a strong employer brand, strategic HR team, and a highly productive workforce – which, in turn, translate into competitive positioning in the race for talent and the drive to compete and win in the markets they serve.