A global wholesale distributor

Making learning a measurable business metric through advanced analytics and data mapping.

The challenge

After investing in new ERP technology, the company had a wealth of data on their specific business challenges. They tasked their Learning & Development team with mapping learning competencies against critical business KPIs. Watershed, of which LTG owns a 27% equity stake, was chosen to provide a solution that would meet the company’s ambitious learning measurement goals.

The solution

  • Watershed worked collaboratively with the client to define data collection strategies and metrics to track.
  • Successfully delivered a dashboard with innovative features and functionality that provided graphical representations of data.
  • Key learning competencies, such as financial acumen and inventory, now linked to specific KPIs and are visible via a single dashboard.
  • Insights derived from Watershed dashboards helped managers increased financial acumen scores by nearly 13%.
  • Better cost control and asset management contributed to a decade-high operating margin of 6.7%.